We were thrilled to be featured on Show Technology Australia‘s Facebook page today:

Victoria’s Monaco Sound & Vision specialize in room theming with lighting for special occasions and corporate events. Their recent purchase of sixteen ShowPro Quad 18 LED PARs and eight ShowPro EX36 LED floods plus a Martin Professional M1 console for control, was the perfect package for their business.

“We had been sub hiring either a Martin M1 or M2GO for control and we really like the Martin operating system,” commented Anthony Murdoch, Monaco’s production manager.

“We thought the M1 just had a little more user friendliness to it and our staff are already familiar with its operation so we didn’t see the point in looking elsewhere. It’s a straightforward and easy console to use.”

Anthony remarked that both ShowPro LED fixtures are nice and punchy, further commenting that their colours look great in venues.

“They are nice compact fixtures that are very bright,” he said. “The EX36’s are fantastic especially for flooding ceilings and lighting up spaces such as foyers. Although we have only used them indoors so far, it’s good to know we can use them outdoors if required.”